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Lash and nail extension industry in India have revolutionized in the last 4 years when Raiman and Archit invested their impeccable skills in their venture KA-RAS extensions in Gurgaon. At KA-RAS, our clients are prioritised above all else, and our highly skilled beauty experts put in a lot of effort to give you an attractive appearance. This flagship of polish lash and nail salon is the preeminent provider of luxury services in the GURGAON region. Because we always strive to provide our customers with a luxurious experience and to pamper them thoroughly from head to toe, we are able to provide service of the highest possible quality.

The soul of a person should be illuminated when they are beautiful. You are beautiful. At KA-RAS extension, we will ensure that you look your absolute best while adding a dash of wonder to your overall appearance. The first thing that people notice about you is your face, and your hands are the most direct expression of how you are using your body language. Our Polish Lash and Nail Salon will take care of both of those for you and make sure that you are the focal point of any event you attend.

When it comes to making a good first impression, there is no disputing the fact that using your hands is the most effective method. Before you look at a man’s shoes, you should first talk about the first impression you got of his character. On the other hand, a woman is frequently portraying an illusion by the image of her panache that is conveyed by her hands and nails that have been immaculately groomed. The appearance of neat, well-kept nails is another way in which a girl’s self-confidence can be boosted.

Who doesn't want long nails
that are also beautiful?

However, it can be challenging to determine what kind of style will highlight your nails to their best advantage. This is where the KA-RAS team comes in to play! A luxurious and high-quality service is provided by our skilled Polish Lash and nail Salon professionals, during which we sit down with our customers and discuss all of the available choices for a manicure and pedicure in Gurgaon. You could get a traditional French manicure, or you could try something new and get a more intricate extension. A plethora of options are available to you to savour your fancy.

There are many different options available to select from, and each session requires the utmost care, beginning with the sanitization process and continuing on through the application, disinfection, and accreditation stages. Our artists hold multiple certifications, and they take pride in providing quality services. We never stop educating ourselves in order to provide superior service to all of our customers, whether they are businesspeople, students, stay-at-home moms, men, women, teenagers, etc. Therefore, if you are in the GURGAON area and are in need of a manicure, pedicure, or hair extensions,

KA-RAS Polish lash and
nail salon is here to serve you!

Your attendance in our Polish lash and nail salon, eyelash, hair extension, and nail extension services, as well as our on-trend glamorous colouring and fashion-inspired styling techniques, is eagerly anticipated. We made it a point right from the beginning to guarantee that the levels of hygiene, safety, and service that we provide are of thehighest possible standards. Your mind, body, and spirit will feel completely pampered as you let our skilled team of professionals take you on a journey of indulgence. We take care to ensure that the stresses of your typical city life are left at the door, where you have the option of withdrawing from the noise and clutter to a tranquil enclave.

The throne of tranquillity awaits you. With florescent overhead lighting and choice of your favourite beverage we have created a social sanctuary, perhaps an escape from your daily tussles. We offer services in every area, from the face to the lashes to the nails to the hair and body. It is highly recommended that you give our website a visit and browse through the membership plans. Memberships provide you exclusive benefits and at an amount you will believe is far-fetched. The frequently visiting clients at the best nail salon in Gurgaon fathoms our platinum membership. With reference to their online reviews we understand they are loving the huge amount saved on their nail extensions and lash extensions.


Visit on our website or even better visit us in our salons. Let the best nail salon in Gurgaon take care of all your pamper cravings. You cannot miss KA-RAS if you wish getting a manicure in Gurgaon that is both high in quality and well-served, and we will make sure that your time here is both enjoyable and satisfying.