Nail Extension

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Nail extensions are one of the latest techniques to make your hands and feet attractive. Nowadays it is the era of fashion and in such a situation, everyone wants to look attractive, so along with the beauty of the face, nails also have special importance. KARAS brings to you a unique idea of nail extensions that make you look more attractive than ever. Here we give you the service of nail art and nail extension so that you do not face any kind of problem. If you also think that nail extension is a way by which you can change your nails in different designs and shape then this place is best for you.

Having good nails is not magic, but it requires a little care and hard work, which presents you differently. This is a time when any girl likes to do new experiments with her nails, so it is important that you choose an expert for yourself because a small mistake can be harmful to your health. You need to be in contact with professional people for your nail extensions so that you can get a better service. Nail extensions are a way to show off your creativity and show off your fashion sense.

Get a nail extension today with a trendy collection

Getting nail extensions done is not a difficult task but it is created to bring the latest trend on your nails. No common human can do it properly but KARAS has brought better technology for you. Modern technology provides you the service of nails extensions and nails art if you also want something special for yourself. At KARAS, we provide you with superior service and a relaxing atmosphere to make for your complete blissful experience. Here you will find some such services which will be different, completely worth the money for you.

Nail extension with art

Along with nail extensions, when you get any latest design or color made on your nails, it enhances the beauty of your nails more than before. In this, you choose the design shape and color according to your choice. But you need to get the nail extension done so that you can make up the shape.

Relaxing nail spa

Apart from nail art, at KARAS, you also get a nail spa so that you feel a complete nail treatment. If you want that you can go out for some time for yourself, then your wish will be fulfilled here. You just have to take some time out for yourself from your busy schedule.

Well Trained Staff Always For You

Nail Extension in KARAS is better for you because here you are serviced by professional experts who are fully experienced. You do not need to take any tension for your nails and extension service because here we promise you to complete satisfactory service. Our entire staff is professional who is always ready to serve you in every way. If you have any dilemma or question in your mind then you can consult our expert before nail extension. These experts try their best to solve your every problem. We are here for you to give the best service in a short time as per your expectations.

In KARAS, you get many types of nail extensions, from which you can choose according to your choice. All these methods are completely safe, but still, you can choose according to your convenience and preference. At this time there are mainly 3 methods available to you for nail extension, out of which you can choose anyone.


Acrylic nail extension is a method in which you can grow your nails in a very simple way and transform them into the shape you want. It does not harm your natural nails in any way. Experts do you acrylic nail extensions based on their experience. It is a little bit time consumption style but with good results.


In fiberglass, your nails are slightly flexible so that there is no problem with their extension, if you ever feel that you do not want hard nails, and then you can use them. These nails are applied with the help of gum which is completely safe. This extension system is fully safe and never damages your natural nails. Its maintenance is also easy and needs a little bit of extra care.


A gel is liquid foam that is applied to your nails and left to dry. When it becomes a little hard after drying, then it is taken in the shape of a rub. After that color and design are applied with the help of nail paint. This is the safest and safest way to do nail art and extensions. Gel nail extension is always a better choice for you to set your nails as per the modern fashion style.

Why we are best for nail extension

As you have already known, through nail extensions, you can make your nails more beautiful than before. You do not even need to spend a lot for this, but you can get this done on a limited budget too. KARAS brings to you a great nail extension method and atmosphere in which you make your nails fresh. Here we provide a healthy atmosphere for you so that you feel comfortable. Coming here you will not feel strange at all because Staff is very comfortable with you. You also get many art and designs for your nails, from which you can choose the best for yourself.

Nail extension is a method to stay up to date as per modern fashion trends. Many girls are taking interest in nail extension in Gurgaon to stay tuned with the latest trend. KARAS is one of the best platforms which offer the best service for you at affordable prices. You can easily take your decision about nail art and extension to apply it. Nowadays various options are available for you but here is need to choose one of them who suit your needs as per your wish.