Eyelash extension

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KA-RAS is a well-performed name in industry one that works for their brand value. It has its origin in giving such happiness which women feel by making themselves beautiful. The extension is such a medium through which any woman wants to enhance her beauty. Here we have only one objective we visit each of our clients better so that they feel happy. At KA-RAS, we always try our best to maintain our best service so that every client stays connected with us for a long time. We have created our standard due to hard work and effort and we try our best to maintain it.

To maintain the beauty of the eyes, the makeup of your eyes must be also perfect. If your eyelashes are dense and perfectly in shape, then it will enhance your beauty. At this time we have brought for you eyelash extension so that the beauty of your eyes can be complimented. If you are also thinking about the Eyelash extension, then this service is definitely for you. All you have to do is to part ways with us so that you can get a satisfactory service. For this, you only have to make an appointment for yourself with our experts who will be ready to serve you.

Why are we the only ones for this?

In today’s time, many women want to make their eyes more beautiful than before, in such a situation, eyelash extension is the only solution that can help them. Here at KA-RAS, we provide a similar service for you which helps you in making your eyes beautiful. We specialize in Eyelash Extension and we strive to give you the best service possible.

By the way, eyelash extension is done at many places at this time. Eyelash extension service is available in parlors and salons that too use different systems. But it is important for you that you get this eyelash extension done with the help of an expert. We provide the service of Eyelash Extension for you with the help of a professional staff membrane. All the eyelash extension experts we have here are fully experienced. You do not need to worry about your eyes in any way.

Eyelash extension is the process in which you can easily enhance the beauty of your eyes. Just in some simple steps you will be able to give attractive look to your eyes. If you want to spend some time in parlor it is good for you to select a place who can work according to your need. Now day’s online booking system make it easier to get in touch with us. As per our commitment we assures you that we will get the best service at our place.

Conscious about your hygiene

In today’s time, where due to COVID-19, every person is worried about the safety of himself and his family’s health. In such a situation, it is a normal feeling to be afraid before going to any salon or beauty care place, but we assure you that your safety will be taken care of. We strictly follow the safety rules of COVID-19. Your safety is our main objective and we cannot compromise with it in any way

  • Our entire staff is fully vaccinated and has taken both doses of Corona.
  • Hands are sanitized before attending any client so that germs do not spread.
  • The entire staff uses masks at all times and encourages every client to wear a mask as well.
  • All our beauty treatment equipment is fully sanitized so that there is no infection to any client.

Eyelash extension is a process in which permanent eyelashes are increased so that you look more beautiful than before. Although temporary lashes are available in the market, their effect is not as good as that of getting an eyelash extension. In this, you can give your eyes look in different ways, that too according to your wish.You just have to take care of some precautions. You can also consult your eye doctor once before getting eyelash extension done. If you have any disease or problem related to eyes, then you should avoid getting it done.

KA-RAS is a place where we bring you the best service so that you do not face any problems. We make the best arrangements for your comfort which is very important for you. You can book your appointment with us whenever you need an Eyelash extension. Here our experts will always be available to serve you. We will try our best to give you completely satisfactory service. All you have to do is to contact us so that we can connect with you and provide you with proper consultation and service. it is just a simple process to book your session with us through a call or online.

How are we different from others?

KA-RAS is different because here we work for our reputation, for which we try to give the best service. A hygienic atmosphere attracts everyone, so we are completely devoted to it. If you ever want to get eyelash extension done, then you can come without any hesitation and choose the design and shape you want. Our experts always try to do the best for you so that you do not face any kind of inconvenience.

Price is also reasonable whatever you like

Getting an eyelash extension can prove to be very expensive, but if you want, you can bring it in your budget with a little understanding. All you have to do is contact us. We’ll bring you the best Eyelash extension program that’s right for you. We would always like to give you such a service so that you come to us again and again and stay connected for a long time. we will charge affordable prices for your eyelash extension.