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Extensions how it changing the fashion world.

Extensions how it changing the fashion world.

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‌Don’t you wish for perfectly manicured nails and beautiful hairs, That would grab everyone’s attention (in a good way)? Plus, it is always a good idea to pamper yourself and your nails. If yes then you are also a moving part of this growth as women in cities who have a 9-5 job and housewife who want to look like beautiful models but they are to busy with there work as they can’t focus on there nail and beauty as such. As to fulfill this wish for womens there comes a product which will give ladies the look they want. Nail, eyelash and hair is a major part of a women’s look, so to make the most out of it there comes Extension Studio like KA~RAS, where your nails and hairs will be as beautiful your dreams. In this hectic life you don’t have time for getting ready or coloring and maintaining your hair, artificial Extension will be big help for this as Extension market is growing at a whopping 30% every year. social media and majorly Instagram plays a major role in fashion and beauty, and the trend in media are constantly changing the looks and fashion sensibilities are also changing. Which means women want to look differently every other month and this is not physically possible for our body to grow nail and hair this fast, this is why Extensions will keep fashion as fast as it can get.